Multiverse is looking for talented new members to join our team. Apply now for a job with us!

Position Description
Developer Relations Specialist Advocate for company in reaching out to and maintaining contact with external developers, representing the company at events and working closely with others to create a developer community. Should have working knowledge in coding as well as strong technical skills for producing publicity content.
Marketing Specialist Maintain and update the company's social media accounts and website, as well as oversee and suggest advertisement and publicity campaigns for Multiverse and its games. Must have proficiency in coding as well as content creation for advertising on social media and websites.
VR Game Designer Responsible for creating and pitching ideas for games and projects, and help in overseeing the creative process by collaborating with other members of the team. Experience and familiarity with designing for VR games and systems is strongly desired.
VR 3D Artist Design and create 3D models and assets for our games, with proficiency in crafting in various 3D modelling programs and art styles. Experience and familiarity with content creation VR games and systems is strongly desired.
VR Game Engineer Software engineering role involved with programming game elements and mechanics. Works closely with other members of the creative team in order to implement core elements of games and experiences. Experience and familiarity working with VR games and systems is strongly desired.