Game Features

multiplayer co-op
expansive and deep equipment crafting and tech trees
building and defense construction
many amazing creatures with delightful behavior
several new breathtaking biomes
gear rarity tiers and many combinations of weapons and equipment
many interesting special abilities
climbing, swimming, rope swinging, etc.
and more!


In the year 2097, several planets of the Solar System, and the nearest star systems, including Alpha Centauri, have been colonized by humanity.
The entire Solar System is in the grip of a corrupt political entity, the United Federation of Sol (UFS). People are violently oppressed and live in despair.
Lt. James Murphy, born to parents who were the very first settlers of the Alpha Centauri system, joined the Republic of Alpha Centauri (RAC) military at a young age and proved
himself in battle in the Independence War. However, it has been a difficult war and RAC forces are on the verge of being overun by the UFS Armada.
You must lead your men and take back Donovan Crater at all costs, Lt. Murphy.